2012 News

Lottie x Bertie babes



Instead of posting cards this year I have made a donation to Border Collie Rescue and Cancer Research .
I have been trying for weeks to email everyone this photo and even put it on this page . I have had a computer problem lol

Merry Christmas

River x Gene Puppies are here

River safely delivered 3 babies on Wednesday 18/07/2012
There are 2 merle boys and a merle girl

pics of puppies



Sookie x Mickey Puppies due

Sookie x Mickey 
Possible colours include 
black and white 
blue and white 
sable and white 
all/ some  could have tan markings and all/some could be merles


New Facebook group "Starside"

I have opened a new group on facebook called Starside .If you would like to join just ask.Hopefully there will be lots of pictures there posted by you.

New Facebook Group "STARSIDE "

Caleykiz Moonlight Dancer In Starside

Garden 1st Limit bitch W&P Breeds of Wales 21/04/2012. Many thanks to judge Peter Bailey who thought so highly of our girl 

Garden took the 2nd place in the limit bitch class at the Border Collie Club of GB championship show on Sunday 18/03/2012.It was a huge class of quality girls ,This place gives Garden her Stud Book number and therefore qualifiers for life for Crufts dog show. 
Huge thanks to the judge Breed specialist Penny Foster-Cooper. Mariah for handling her and her breeders Donna and Carol Wiltshire and all the Caleykiz crew .Thank you


Surprise babies

I heard about a litter of orphaned springer spaniel puppies that needed a foster mum.They were born on Thursay 15/03/2012 and the mum and two puppies didn't make it through the ceasarian section .Over night on friday 3 puppies died .Christine brought 5 babies here on Saturday to try and see if Lottie would look after them ( her own babies are 4 weeks old ) Although we lost one on Sat night / Sunday morning the remaining 4 seem to be very robust and healthy 
Lottie is looking after both litters now .Coco has appointed herself as guardian

Puppies 20th February 2012

details of puppies and pictures

New Bench mats have arrived




Puppy pics added

Latest puppy pics aged 2 weeks


Lotties puppies have arrived 

1. sable boy now SOLD 
3. black and white /seal boys 1 SOLD 
1. sable girl 
Please contact me if you are interested in a puppy from this litter

Bertie the puppies sire




Mickey ( Startside Max ) returned home today as hos owners feel they can not look after him properly

Starside love In A Mist (Demi)

Congratulations to Paula Kenny and Demi ( Starside Love In a Mist ) who won a second place in novice last week and won her 2nd novice at thames championship show judge said her heelwork was stunning she is now in A 
Well done lots of hard work has paid off

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