Image: Judy earlier this year 2008

Tippytail Tess
White and black bitch
DOB.12 October 1996

Judy was the start of everything.Bought as a combined birthday/xmas present( yes I know that's not the way it should be done!) she began this pasion for Border Collies.

She has the most wonderful temperment towards people and other animals.When people visit and they say they are frightened of dogs ......by the time Judy as worked her magic ,they have forgotten about being frightened...and most of them would love to take her home. Judy is so calm and unassuming ,she seems to know instinctively who needs special attention.
When it was pet week at the local nursery Judy spent time visiting them.She was in her glory,all those 2 to 5 year old boys and girls, just for her,.......Bliss..........She was a great favourite.

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