Starside Fellindra At Arnpriors 5/11/2007-15/09/2014


Despite numerous out pouring from other parties Quando is in my name and will stay in my name . As far as the KC is concerned he is mine and any puppies sired by him will be registered with the KC

Bred by Mariah

Sire   Starside Xander ( aka Spike )
Dam  Arnpriors Yellow River By Starside ( aka River )


Hips 6:4
Eye tested Normal 18/11/2011
Gonioscopy Normal
CEA Hereditary CLEAR
TNS Hereditary CLEAR
CL  Hereditary CLEAR
DNA tested normal for Cobalamin Malabsorption (CM) /Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome (IGS)(B12)
Quando does NOT carry the chocolate gene . This has been proven by a DNA test 


Although VERY lightly shown Quando has his Stud Book Number which means he has qualified for Crufts for life .
His main work has been as an explosive search dog and has worked at various sites throughout the uk including the O2 arena

Quando is siring beautiful babies all with his wonderful temperament .
Quando carries ( and has thrown ) puppies in Black and white , blue and white and ee-red and white . As he is a merle he also sires merles in all these combinations . Quando does NOT carry the chocolate gene . He has been   DNA tested for the b locus

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